Database of local newspaper holdings in Yorkshire & the Humber Region
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Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, Stockton and District Evening Gazette
Daily Mail Hull Daily Mail
Daily News and Express and Grimsby Express Hull Weekly Express
Daily Picture Paper Picture Paper (Sheffield)
Darlington and North Yorkshire Herald and Post
Darlington and Stockton Times
Dauntless (Hull)
De Morgans Weekly (Leeds)
Dearne Courier
Dearne Valley Weekender
Dentons Illustrated Weekly (Bradford)
Dewsbury and Batley Herald and General Advertiser
Dewsbury and Batley Herald and Heckmondwike, Mirfield and Ossett Advertiser
Dewsbury and Batley Standard
Dewsbury Chronicle and West Riding Advertiser
Dewsbury District News
Dewsbury Examiner and General Advertiser for the Heavy Woollen Districts of Yorkshire
Dewsbury Free Press
Dewsbury Reporter
Dewsbury Social-Democrat
Dewsbury, Batley and District Social Democrat Dewsbury Social-Democrat
Dinnington and District Guardian
Dinnington and Kiveton Advertiser Rotherham and South Yorkshire Advertiser
Dinnington and Maltby Trader
Doncaster Advertiser
Doncaster and Dearne Sports Chronicle
Doncaster and Pontefract News
Doncaster and Thorne Advertiser Isle of Axholme and Thorne Advertiser
Doncaster Argus
Doncaster Borough Advertiser
Doncaster Chronicle and Farmers Journal
Doncaster Courier
Doncaster Entertainer
Doncaster Evening Post
Doncaster Express
Doncaster Free Press and Courier of Coming Events
Doncaster Free Press and General Advertiser
Doncaster Gazette Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Gazette and Universal Advertiser
Doncaster Journal and Yorkshire Advertiser Yorkshire Journal and General Weekly Advertiser
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council - Metro News
Doncaster Reporter and District Advertiser
Doncaster Star
Doncaster Weekend Post
Doncaster Weekly News
Doncaster, Nottingham and Lincoln Gazette etc., Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Gazette and Universal Advertiser
Doncaster, Retford and Gainsborough Gazette, Yorks, Notts and Lincs Advertiser Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Gazette and Universal Advertiser
Doncaster, York, Lincoln and Nottingham Times
Driffield and Buckrose Mail
Driffield and District Post
Driffield Citizen Driffield Citizen and News
Driffield Citizen and News Driffield News and Driffield Citizen
Driffield Express
Driffield Freeman
Driffield News
Driffield Observer
Driffield Observer and Literary Journal
Driffield Times

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