Database of local newspaper holdings in Yorkshire & the Humber Region
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Labour Chronicle (Leeds)
Labour Journal (Bradford)
Labour Pioneer Yorkshire Factory Times (Huddersfield)
Labour Pioneer, Dewsbury
Labour Union Journal (Bradford)
Laisterdyke and Bowling News (Bradford)
Leader (Eckington) Mosborough Leader Eckington Leader
Leader Free Press (Normanton)
Leeds Advertiser
Leeds and District Free Press
Leeds and District Weekly Citizen Citizen (Leeds)
Leeds and West Riding Express Leeds Express and West Riding General Advertiser
Leeds and Yorkshire Daily Express Yorkshire Daily Express etc
Leeds Budget
Leeds Catholic Herald
Leeds Catholic News
Leeds Champion
Leeds City News
Leeds Conservative Journal
Leeds Co-Operator
Leeds Critic and West Riding Free Press
Leeds Daily News
Leeds Evening Express Leeds Express and West riding General Advertiser
Leeds Express and West Riding General Advertiser
Leeds Express Morning Tissue
Leeds Free Press
Leeds Gazette
Leeds Guardian, Armley and Wortley News and Pudsey Advertiser
Leeds Herald
Leeds Independent and York County Advertiser
Leeds Intelligencer
Leeds Jewish Observer
Leeds Leader
Leeds Mercury
Leeds Mercury Extraordinary
Leeds Mercury Weekly Supplement
Leeds Monthly
Leeds Other Paper
Leeds Patriot and Yorkshire Advertiser
Leeds Programme of Amusements
Leeds Record of Current Events
Leeds Saturday Journal
Leeds Skyrack Express
Leeds South Advertiser South Leeds Advertiser
Leeds Times
Leeds Town Topics
Leeds Vanguard
Leeds Wednesday Journal
Leeds Weekend Advertiser
Leeds Weekly Citizen Citizen (Leeds)
Leeds Weekly News
Leeds Woman Citizen
Leisure Leeds
Leisure Times (Sheffield)
Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury
Lincolnshire and Hull Chronicle, or Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire Advertiser Hull and Lincolnshire Chronicle or Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire etc.
Lincolnshire and South Humberside Times (Hull Scunthorpe)
Lincolnshire Chronicle and General Advertiser
Lincolnshire Chronicle and Scunthorpe Borough News Scunthorpe Borough News
Lincolnshire Express (Hull)
Lincolnshire Standard Humberside Standard
Lincolnshire Standard (Grimsby District Edition)
Lincolnshire Star Scunthorpe Star
Lindsey and Lincolnshire Star Scunthorpe Star
Lindsey Observer
Lindsey Observer (Barton-Upon-Humber)
Lindsey Star Scunthorpe Star
Link (Grimsby)
Look-Out (Sheffield)
Louth and North Lincolnshire Advertiser
Louth Standard Louth Leader
Low Moor Chronicle (Bradford)

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